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The majority of us, here at Mellow Games, are retro gaming fanatics! We want people in the present to be able to enjoy video game classics from the past! That doesn't mean we don't want anyone to enjoy next generation gaming, though! We definitely want everyone to enjoy all the different eras and genres of video games to find out what makes you happiest!

We want you to find as much happiness in video gaming as we do. Whether you wish to remain loyal to one platform or you want many different things, we have pretty much everything you could dream of!
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We strive to have such a selection that even the most hardened gaming veteran can find something they love. We believe not everyone enjoys the same thing, so we bring you plenty to choose from.
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The History of Home Video Games

The first video game console for home use was invented around 1967! The genius that helped bring video gaming into our homes was named Ralph H. Baer and his prototype was called the "Brown Box." This prototype was the father of all the home video game consoles we know and love today!

Believe it or not, the first prototype featured 2 controls for multiplayer purposes! You would've had to've programmed the switches certain ways to play the games and have the attachment for the special ones... but those games were ping-pong, sports games, checkers, golf, and target shooting. (Golf and shooting would've required the attachments).

The invention of the "Brown Box" resulted in the production of the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. Unless you're a collector, don't beat yourself up if you can't locate one of these -- they lack sound and quality graphics. If you want one as a sentimental keepsake, though, go for it! They released updated versions of the Odyssey from 1975 through 1977. This console did feature a light gun accessory, for individual purchase. When you made that purchase, though, you were given the appropriate games!

[Games Included with the Magnavox Odyssey]
[* Analogic * Cat and Mouse * Football * Haunted House * Hockey * Roulette * Simon Says * Ski * States * Submarine * Table Tennis * Tennis *]
[Games with the Magnavox Odyssey Light Gun]
[* Dogfight! * Prehistoric Safari * Shooting Gallery * Shootout! *]

That's a pretty impressive list of games and features, if you ask us, for such an early console! Too bad you had to put an overlay on your TV for most of the games (and did we mention -- no sound?)!
The team behind the Odyssey was intelligent, and they patented their ideas so well that they got rich off of lawsuits. How? They'd pioneered something that experienced commercial success!
Atari was right there, keeping up with (and surpassing) competition. In 1975, Atari's Pong, which featured score-keeping and sound, landed on shelves in Sears stores. In 1977, Atari 2600 came to be.
The Telstar systems made by Coleco weren't too far behind, either.

Nintendo introduced the Color TV Game Series consoles to Japan from 1977 to 1979, which had Pong-like games.

Gamer's Galaxy: The Glorious '80s

When the 1980s got here, we were finally exposed to RPGs, platformers, and fighting/action games!
The Game & Watch handheld gaming system was released in 1980, which is how the Game Boy eased its way into infamy.
The Mattel company challenged Atari's success with their own Intellivision in 1980.

In Japan, they were blessed with the beautiful, still-relevant console known as the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1983.
If you were unaware, America experienced a giant stumble in the video game industry market in 1983. (Remember all those copies of E.T that got buried? Atari spent too much money in all the wrong places in that game.) There were simply too many competitors on the market at one time. While gaming was growing increasingly popular, people preferred certain systems over others (understandably). Those same companies that were gaining fanbases just weren't releasing enough entertainment fast enough. (It costs a lot to develop good software and hardware).

Computers came around and slowed things down, too... but Nintendo came to save the gaming day (in America) in 1985! Everyone loved (and still loves) the NES!
The SG-1000 by Sega was also introduced in Asia (but not America) the same year. Sega revealed the Sega Master System to Japan in 1985, too!
The Sega Master System didn't get the attention it definitely deserved over here in 1986 (who doesn't love Sonic the Hedgehog?)! It offered 3D gameplay, which was practically unheard of at the time!
This was still the 8-bit generation, for crying out loud!

The Master Systems are still around. You won't find them at just any old store, though!
[Sega Master System Games]
[* In 3D: Blade Eagle, Maze Hunter, Missile Defense, Space Harrier, Poseidon Wars, and Zaxxon *
* After Burner * Alex Kidd in Miracle World * Golden Axe Warrior * Hang-On * Outrun * Phantasy Star * Safari Hunt * Sonic the Hedgehog * Wonder Boy *]
[A Few of Our NES Favorites]
[* Batman: The Video Game * Blaster Master * Bubble Bobble * Castlevania * Contra * Duck Hunt * Duck Tales * Fester's Quest * Final Fantasy * Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness *Gradius * Kid Icarus * Kirby's Adventure * The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link * Mario Bros. * Mega Man series * Metroid * Ninja Gaiden I & II * Super Contra * Super Mario Bros. series *]
Over a Decade of Gaming Later...
Though we were still enjoying the Sega Master System and the NES, we were introduced to the beautiful graphics of the Sega Genesis in 1989 (here in America -- '88 in Japan). The Sega Genesis is known as the Sega Mega Drive in Asia.

A lot of people wanted to play games but didn't have time to sit down and play as long as they'd like... and thus the handheld device we know as the Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989!
[Game Boy Games We Love]

[* Bionic Commando * Donkey Kong Land * Dr. Mario * Final Fantasy Adventure * Kid Dracula * The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening * Ninja Gaiden Shadow * Pokemon Blue & Red * Samurai Shodown * Super Mario Land * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan * Tetris *]
The Neo-Geo came around in 1990 but was so expensive, hardly anyone got to enjoy its futuristic appeal at the time. (It had a 24-bit tier, which was very high at the time).
Shortly after the release of the Sega Genesis (and the handheld Game Boy), Nintendo bestowed the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) upon Americans in 1991. It may come as a surprise to diehard Nintendo fans, but the Genesis did better than the SNES until a few years after their releases.
Yay, Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island!

[Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Favorites]
[* Aladdin * Altered Beast * Battletoads & Double Dragon * Comix Zone * Contra: Hard Corps * Earthworm Jim * General Chaos * The Lion King * Mortal Kombat II * Phantasy Star IV * The Revenge of Shinobi * Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3, and Sonic & Knuckles * Super Street Fighter II * Vectorman * Toejam & Earl *]
[SNES Favorites]
[* Breath of Fire * Chrono Trigger * Donkey Kong Country series * Dragon Quest VI * EarthBound * Earthworm Jim * EVO: Search for Eden * F-Zero * Final Fantasy IV, V, & VI * Harvest Moon * Kirby Super Star * Legend of the Mystical Ninja * The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past * Mortal Kombat II * Star Fox * Street Fighter II * Super Castlevania IV * Super Mario All-Stars * Super Mario Kart * Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars * Super Mario World * Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island * Super Metroid * Wario's Woods * Yoshi's Cookie *]
In 1994, you were able to combine the Game Boy experience with the Super Nintendo with the cartridge known as the Super Game Boy!
The Virtual Boy gave gamers a pretty impressive 3D experience in 1995.
In 1995, the powerful PlayStation popped up. For the first time ever, we could enjoy 3D games, instead of blocky, 2D games. Our minds were blown, and the PlayStation 1 was the most popular 32-bit console on the market.

If you were sick of the original Game Boy's size, you were happy for the release of the Game Boy Pocket in 1996!
If you wanted a new play-at-home system, Nintendo was at it again, distributing the Nintendo 64 (N64) in 1996. This is a 64-bit console that didn't have the frustrating load screens the competition (PS1) did. The cartridge took care of that. This was the last home cartridge system to be made.
[Best N64 Games Ever]
[* Banjo-Kazooie * Conker's Bad Fur Day * Donkey Kong 64 * GoldenEye 007 * The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask * The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time * Mario Kart 64 * Mario Party 2 * Paper Mario * Pokemon Stadium * Star Fox 64 * Super Mario 64 * Super Smash Bros. *]
The awesome, attractive Game Boy Color (GBC) released in 1998! What was so cool about the Game Boy Color?! 56 colors! The original Game Boy only displayed two. This was a giant leap in the right direction for gaming. Plus, you didn't have to repurchase all your favorite games for a different platform! (You can play regular Game Boy games on Game Boy Color systems!)
[Ten of the Best Game Boy Color Games]

[* The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Seasons * The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Ages * Mario Tennis * Metal Gear Solid * Pokemon Gold & Silver * Pokemon Pinball * Rainbow Islands * Shantae * Stranded Kids * Wario Land 3 *]
Sega's Dreamcast was distributed in 1999.

Present Day Consoles
The graphics and gameplay on the Dreamcast were outstanding but didn't get all the attention it deserved because, with the new millennium here, PlayStation popped out the insanely popular PS2.
Though the Dreamcast was wildly popular at first, the 2000 release of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) killed Sega's dreams. We now had a console we could watch movies on, listen to music through, and game with!
Sega decided they were done producing video game consoles in 2001.
[The Coolest Games for Dreamcast]

[* Chu Chu Rocket * Crazy Taxi * Dead or Alive 2 * Grandia 2 * Metropolis Street Racer * Rayman 2: The Great Escape * Phantasy Star Online * Quake 3 Arena * Ready 2 Rumble Boxing * Rippin' Riders Snowboarding * Seaman * Shenmue * Skies of Arcadia * Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 * Soulcalibur * Virtua Tennis *]
2001 brought us the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Despite its funky shape, it packs a lot of playing potential!
We were blessed with the mighty Microsoft Xbox (original) in 2001, as well as with the Nintendo GameCube!
2001 was a great gaming year for everyone except Sega! These three new systems all had 128-bit hardware.
Many people enjoyed the shape of the GBA, but the Game Boy Advance SP released in 2003, introducing us to a hinged, portable system. The Game Boy Micro fell into existence around 2005.
Make way for the new line of handheld systems... the Nintendo DS! 2004 is when we received this miracle.
In 2005, PlayStation proved their power by releasing the successful PSP (PlayStation Portable).
Microsoft resurfaced in 2005, with the still-popular Xbox 360.
2006 prepared us for the perfection we soon knew as the PlayStation 3.

Since then, the Nintendo Wii (2006), DS Lite (in 2006), the DSi (in 2008), and the DSi XL (in 2009) have all released.
Needing something new and exciting on the market, the Nintendo 3DS was born and distributed in 2011!
In 2012, PlayStation resurfaced with a polished PlayStation Vita. This was to replace the PSP.
2013 brought us the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One.
Since the original 3DS released, we've experienced the 3DS XL (since 2012), the 2DS (since 2013), and the NEW 3DS & 3DS XLs (since 2015).
One of the coolest things about the New 3DS systems is their Amiibo compatibility (along with functioning as an additional WiiU controller).

The Future of Gaming

The gaming industry isn't standing in one spot. Stay tuned for even better consoles...
Microsoft is moving up on the map with Project Scorpio, as well.
Nintendo's preparing for the next generation by getting ready to release the Nintendo NX.
Pretty soon, PS4 users should be able to enjoy the PlayStation VR. (It's a virtual reality console!) They're also planning on releasing a successor to the PS4.
We hope you're as excited as we are to see what the future holds and to play awesome, retro games in the meantime!

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