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Super Mario Bros 3 was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed and published by Nintendo. It is Super Mario's third official installment in its series of games. The player in this game will have more abilities than the past Super Mario video games, including sliding down a slope and flying. There are also a number of elements introduced like newer enemies and using the game's world map when transitioning between the levels. The map element influenced or appeared in later Mario games. It is also acclaimed by a lot of critics as the or one of the best video games in history. It became the NES's third top selling game, with more than 17 million sold worldwide. The game's popularity inspired an animated tv series, but was short lived.

The game takes place in Mushroom World and Koopalings start to invade, the seven children of Bowser. All seven kingdoms are conquered by the Koopalings when they stole each king's magic wand, using them then to transform every king into animals. Princess Toadstool is then prompted to send Mario and his brother Luigi to go to every kingdom to retrieve their stolen wands, thus restoring their respective kings back to normal.

The game is a platformer type with the player controlling Mario or his brother Luigi. There are gameplay mechanics that are similar from previous Super Mario games, but will introduce many new elements. On top of being able to run an jump moves in the previous games, the player is able to slide down the slopes, pick up special blocks and throw them, and climb down and up vines freely. There are also power ups that will allow the player to float or fly. Eight worlds will make up the game, with each being divided into several levels. Each world will have a distinct visual theme. World 2, for example, is Desert Land that contains levels covered in sand and will have pyramids while World 4, Giant Land, will be populated with enemies and obstacles twice as large than other worlds.

The player will navigate the game through two different game screens, the overworld map and the level play field. An overhead view will be used for the game's overworld map on the world the player is currently on. There will be several paths that will lead toward the world's castle. The paths will connect to fortresses, action panels, and other icons, allowing the player to traverse different routes that will reach the castle. When the player moves Mario or Luigi to a fortress or action panel, they will be able to choose that level to attempt to complete it. These levels will be linear, populated with enemies and obstacles. Most of the gameplay will have these types of levels, having a player get through the stage by defeating or dodging enemies, jumping, running, swimming, or flying.

When a stage is completed, it will allow a player to advance on the game's overworld map, eventually going to other worlds. Every world will feature a boss that needs to be defeated in it's final stage. Worlds one through seven will have an airship that is controlled by a Koopaling, while World eight will have Bowser inside his castle. The other icons on the map will include locked doors and large boulders impeding a path, and bonus screens and mini games that will provide a player the chance of obtaining extra lives and power ups. The power ups that are obtained during the minigames will be stored inside a reserve. To activate these power ups, the player will need to be on the game's overworld map and then select one to use for the next level chosen.

Other special items included in the game other than the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom will be introduced, providing the player with newer options. The Tanooki Suit and Super Leaf will give the player a tanuki and raccoon appearance respectively, with both allowing the player to fly. A Tanooki Suit will also enable a player to turn to stone, allowing them to avoid enemies temporarily. If the player transforms into the Tanooki statue after they jump, it will result in Mario doing a ground pound, killing whatever enemy or enemies that are directly underneath him. This was the ground pound's first appearance in a Super Mario game. It was later used in Yoshi's Island, giving Yoshi this ability. It eventually became a standard move for Mario for the later games. Two other suits included in the game are a Frog Suit, increasing the player's underwater agility and speed and will improve their jumping ability on land, and a Hammer Suit, giving the player a Hammer Bro appearance and allowing them to launch hammers at the enemies and able to resist all fire attacks while crouching.

The game includes an option for multiplayer which has two players play cooperatively with both taking turns to traversing the game's overworld map to access the stage levels. Player one will control Mario and player two will control Luigi, who is just a palette swap from Mario. During this gameplay mode, the player can access mini games which includes a Mario Bros remake. A player will have the opportunity of stealing cards from the other player but could lose a turn if the mini game is lost.

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Super Mario Bros 3 NES

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